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The True Lost Gospel Given to Us by Jesus (Our) Christ

on road to demascusIt‘s right there in your Bible, but hidden in plain sight! In our modern era, there are a variety of different  “Christian gospels.”  It’s enough to confuse anyone.What indeed is the true gospel as was intended, given by God, to be spoken by and through Jesus the Christ to everyone? 

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0e742-bible-spotlitScience Proves God Is Real and THE CREATOR

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not your fault

Husband, Priest, and Father

climbing mountainWhat does it mean to be “The Head of The Household?” Are men licensed when married to be tyrants? Getting this wrong can bring endless misery. IF you have the courage to read this, (like the man here) expect to face some tough issues. Let’s consider this.  Get the FREE PDF booklet here:

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Come Before Winter

Come Before Winter

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weight reduction

weight-reduction-health-improvement-better-energy-all-comes-down-to-this-big-secret/  This is so important and such a deep secret I won’t even begin to tell you about it here. You have to click the link to see it and if you promise to be really good you can have it as a PDF “booklet”.

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Jewish Studies (Titles & Links

You will never understand Christianity completely until you understand the culture from which it came. Here’s a beginning for you.

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The Life To Know Him


A Discussion About Biblical Forgiveness:  

bible spotlitThe Bible has plenty to say about forgiveness. Where the Old Testament focuses mainly on God’s forgiveness of individuals or groups, the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels also address how human beings can and should forgive each other.   Those teachings, however, are a precarious guide for 21st-century human relations.

The Persecution of Christians Explosion-10/2018

According to Open Doors USA, in nations totaling almost 40% of the nations world’s population, over 215 million Christians are experiencing persecution.  These numbers are rising dramatically every year. MORE 



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Great War

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Never Trust


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7 sins


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born again


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Teffelin Prayer Shabbat Shalom A Powerful True Story

A True World War II story BANNED BY FACEBOOK

While he was in Dachau, a Jew who was being taken to his death suddenly flung a small bag at my father, Judah Wallis. He caught it, thinking it might contain a piece of bread. Upon opening it, however, he was disturbed to discover a pair of tefillin.

The More Sure Word….


Almost two thousand years ago, Peter issued a warning. He said in the last days people will deny the signs we see today. He said they’ll mock the idea of Jesus returning. They’ll make fun of those who believe in the Second Coming and say the exact things we hear today – things like, “I thought Jesus was coming back? What happened to His promise?    Prophecy Coming True Before Your Eyes

January 2019

debt trap diplomacy.jpg

  1. Terrible Signs of THE END
  2. God’s Rest is YOUR Rest
  3. Signs the Second Coming Is Near
  4. Find Us A Flattering Savior
  5. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  6. Rapture or No? The Thorn In My Side
  7. A Global Financial Crisis Will Produce The Final European Super-Power
  8. Repentence A beginning toward understanding
  9. True Repentance (2nd in series) LINKS TO THE NEXT IN SERIES ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE.
  10. A Matter of Eternal Life or Death!
  11. Does Bible Agree With Speaking In Tongues?  
  12. Freedom’s Future Death? Debt Trap Diplomacy, Fangs and Jaws of the New World Order
  13. Hearing God’s Secrets
  14. American Are On The Move. Where and Why?

February 2019

not your fault




  1.  The entire series as a free pdf. click red above to dnload now
  2. Guttenberg, Leading Europe Out of Financial Crises(Geo-political Economics)US and British Navies Reported Weak and Incompetent
  3. Science Proves Existence of God! (video)
  4. Socialism Rising (Avoid drowning!) commentary
  5. There are piles of videos at Youtube . Just type into the search bar, “Science Proves God”

March 2019

  1. if-god-has-called-you-to-be-really-like-jesus/
  2. A-change-is-coming-to-the-american-church/ Commentary
  3. War With The Fallen Enemy
  4. He’s In Love With A Younger Woman. So?
  5. A Mountain of Evidence For His Truth!
  6. Can Well Meaning Modern Prophets Be Deceived?
  7. The God of the Bible or the God of the Philosophers: Which Do We Serve?
  8. The Basis of Last Days Prophecy
  9. Hidden Symbolism in The Book of Ruth
  10. What Christians Should Know About The Old Testament First 5-Books
  11. Four Best Pieces of Marital Advice

flat earth 3.jpg

Here’s PROOF Earth is a Sphere.     flat_earth    
  1. EASTER:The Cosmic Significance of The Cross!
  3. Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.
  4. The Ways of Sin = America’s Misery
  5. When Are You Born Again?

April 2019

seek to love.jpg

  1. above  Seek To Love the Lord….
  2.  What about Speaking In Tongues? Is it Valid?
  3.  Which-jesus-do-you-worship/
  4. the-final-10.5-years-1-cleared-up/ 
  5. Holiness Is Love in Action (Jewish Study)

MAY 2019

Paul Ad

  1. How Apostle Paul Was Caused by God To Change The World
  2. Jewish destiny: the calming extension of Jewish Sovereignty
  3. Be NEITHER Hot nor Cold For God! (What?)
  4. Jewish people, in particular, could face another European mass genocide
  5. The Coming War On China /History Documentary (video commentary)
  6. Personal Discipleship: Unmistakable Characteristics of a True Believer
  7. How To Protect Yourself From Demons
  8. The Broad Canvas Tearing
  9. Old Man Thinks Ancient Wisdom Most Important
  10. Our Rapidly Changing Society — Video Commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

JUNE 2019

  1. Why Americans Must Resist Islam (If you care about our nation and your religion you must understand this!)
  2. Restoring Our Spiritual/Mental Health In These Vicious Times

July 2019

  1. Ummm…. Are We In The Last Days?
  2. An Argument for A Pre-Triulation Rapture
  3. Shabbat Shalom A Powerful True World War II Story
  4. Prophecy Coming True Before Your Eyes

August 2019

  1.  Why You Have Trouble Understanding Bible Expressions

Toward Understanding The Bible

Bible studies like these help you learn and develop hidden insight faster than trying to figure it out yourself. Please share this book with every Bible Believer you know. Download it FREE. More at this page:  http://heavensway2022.org/epistles-of-paul-study-page/

3.  For the Love of Ephesus

4.  The Love You Take   A funny little thought with deeper meaning. 

5. Climate Change Not Debatable 

6.  World Headed For Economic Chaos 9-17-2019

September 2019

The Final Prophesied Rise Of Europe’s Most Devastating Mystery Religion A Dark Force Has Laid Over Britain and Europe for Centuries.  teaser photo 3Once thought dead and gone this evil spiritual remnant has germinated, taken root and is growing into a mighty tree again!//Discover how you can avoid the worst of terror coming to our world within these next 10-years.// Connect the prophesies to see how they point to The Mysterious Babylonian Religion, The Vatican and The United States. more

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shana TovaObservation of Jewish New Year. Should We?

Are modern Jews making a mistake?



weight reduction

weight-reduction-health-improvement-better-energy-all-comes-down-to-this-big-secret/  This is so important and such a deep secret I won’t even begin to tell you about it here. You have to click the link to see it and if you promise to be really good you can have it as a PDF “booklet”.

warnings-your-parents-cant-talk-about/warnings parents can't talk (updated)




Rabbi Cahn
Recommended Videos
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Oct 11, 2019, “A Time For Strength and Courage” and excellent dissertation. about 45 minutes.

Kissing God!   4 minutes


John 3:16

King Jame Bible Version

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The Burning Question of Its Meaning



November 2019

The War No One Will Win    Why a Nuclear South Korea is likely.

The Soon Return of Jesus the Christ

The Mysterious (Divine) Secrets of Salt (from Judaism)

Digestion Related To Caring For and Relieving Arthritis Symptoms and Other Ailments! Leads to a new Digestion Healing Page.   (awaiting completion)

Final War At The Starting Gate  New Book, Free Download





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