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Prefer POP? Here it is again: is the “Professional” address, but it all forwards to I don’t like forms. You probably don’t either. Just send me a note. 


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March 27, 2019

Please be advised we are running advertising. I’ve tested enough to know this site will draw a large audience!

We’re very small now, but will grow rapidly when we have supporting advertiser’s money. Thus: You can negotiate with Me, the site owner, and NAME YOUR PRICE for advertising on many posts and pages. This places you on Face Book and other social media at a fraction of the price you would pay trying to do this yourself!

No other ad agency or magazine allows anyone to name their price. I do it planning to gain support and build a big audience reading and participating particularly between now and the election date November 3, 2020. We will continue publishing for at least the next four years as we watch President Trump, with God’s Help, restore our nation and Make American Great Again!

You can start with a small box ad, or across the page banner; make it up yourself on Microsoft Word, make it into a photo jpg, and email it to me. I’ll do the rest when I know what you require.

Contact me to negotiate a fair arrangement and send a sample of the ad you want to run. (Let’s keep it all legal and proper please.)   

I have a “professional email address” but I have all of it forwarded to me at gmail. Write to me here:  



Write your ad using Microsoft Word. If you want my help with improved editing, writing, headlines, or more tell me. I’ll do a lot of the fast rewriting free for the first 50-advertisers.

Click the design tab if you prefer color behind the box. go to Page Color on the far right. Click that, choose a color and now you have a background, or leave it white — which is proven to work very well. Always add a picture to draw the eye!

Two options: Make it into a picture yourself or just send me the page in email as an attached document.

(1) If you have a graphic artist or sign company in town they’ll do the job for you and they’re always very good. If you don’t you can….

(2) Save it as a document and then set it as an attachment and send it in Google gmail or any email. If you don’t use Word send it in what you have and I’ll see what I can do with it.  I can make it into a picture and size it to fit. The additional work is no-charge. I created this silly ad below, turned it into a picture, saved it to my computer, pulled it into this web-page. Job done. I linked this sample ad to just so you see it works. Your ad can link to YOUR web page. Generally a banner like this fits in the middle of a bigger article or at the bottom of any article. And they work to bring you More Customer Traffic — people who want more information or want to buy something.  

While we’re new this ad in a box will sell for $125/month and you can have that price for TWO YEARS which you’ll see will be the bargain of the century because we know how to get a lot more readers quickly! The ad will have 10 Placements!  It will be on 10 different pages relevant when possible to your business. Example: A travel related business goes into the travel section. Also you’ll appear on a grid for all advertisers, an easy way for readers to find who is advertising  what and placed in a category listing too! These two just mentioned PLUS the ad will be in 8-articles — for two years! Those articles will be featured on the home page and mentioned in Social Media. This really is the advertising space bargain of the century. But Remember — it’s for only the first 50-buyers so decide and contact me as soon as you can!

Cornflakes ad 5 Faststone

cornflakes blue border

A border is always a good idea. I should know. I was interested in advertising from age 15, sold for a Penny-Saver Newspaper, did very well, and then won awards for sales for a privately published big yellow pages publisher on the West Coast. You can see here, the blue border and picture with color draws the eyes. I don’t like the orange/red.

I Like Darker Red 

and so does Clayton Makepeace, the most highly paid ad writer in the USA. If he shows it, I do it. He grew from writing ads to his own big agency and perhaps even today you read financial newsletter ads and it’s his style or his own writing. 

All of that ad selling sent me back to college, paid for my studies and living expenses, I earned a BS in human physiology, finished through Palmer College of Chiropractic with a Doctorate in 1977, with specialties in orthopedics and nervous system physiology, and also fit in Massage School after hours and learned Swedish massage.

During an election year there are more ads and generally they are MORE expensive, but not more expensive with me! I want to help you get a better price and growing audience reach through the entire election campaign period and beyond!

I’ve always been a continual reader and continual student. So….if you are accepting my advice the examples above should help you get more traffic and more buyers and you can start here, even if you’re a small book writer or run a small business that can serve people nation wide. I’ll be happy to hear from you. You can suggest a price! We’ll work something out that is fair for us both.  sn